As a specially trained family therapist , I can work with all members of your family, including children and adolescents. Common reasons people consult me about their family relationships are:

  •      to manage conflicts and power struggles with adolescents
  •      to respond to the effects of separation and divorce on children and family relationships
  •      for tips on parenting younger children
  •      to help children recover from experiences of trauma or abuse
  •      to resolve conflicts and fighting among siblings
  •      because a child is struggling with a physical or mental health problem
  •      to heal unresolved or ongoing conflicts with aging parents, and to foster acceptance and peace.

I can work with you individually, or with your whole family. I offer young people a relaxed environment and a variety of ways to express themselves including art, writing, and play.

I work together with parents, recognizing your expertise in the lives of your own children. My goal is to strengthen that expertise and restore your relationships to a balanced state.