How I Work

Problems like depression, anger, worry and anxiety can affect anyone and make it hard to know how to move forward in life. I work with people to see how these problems (and others like them) have influenced your life and your relationships.

I ask questions to help generate ideas on how you want to move forward in ways that fit your life and your values.  I help people connect to their own stories in ways that help them have new perspective and new ideas.

We work together to look at ways to strengthen skills that are already known to you.

We will find strategies and tools that will:

  • re-build confidence
  • re-connect you with your own wisdom and knowledge
  • strengthen your relationships
  • help you effectively deal with hurt and anger

I have training in many ways of working with people and I collaborate with each person to find a way that fits for you.  I am very influenced by ideas of Narrative Therapy. This is a therapy model that is based on the idea that we live our lives through stories, the meanings we create and we have many stories of who we are.  Through therapeutic conversations, we develop your preferred stories and move towards problems having less influence.

For more specific information about Narrative therapy and my ways of working click here.